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Great Host!

I loved being a guest on the show!

Dr Alex is perfect for high achieving women!

This show is loaded with great tips and information for women to get more done and love their lives more!

Great show!

This topic is so important and not talked about enough! Thank you Dr. Alex.

Interests and POV align for me

I’ve enjoyed this show and the various topics and ways Dr. Alex shares about self care and is relatable to me. I enjoyed getting more information about Coffee Enemas from a couple of her episodes and even had the pleasure of guesting on the show and Sharing about Self Sabotage and EFT Tapping in Fall 2021 which was a lot of fun! Keep sharing all the self care and health tips and keeping it real! :)

The best!

Dr. Alex is doing good things with this show. Important work, delivered beautifully.

Got goals?

If you’ve got goals and want to care for yourself well, this is your podcast for you. I love Dr. Alexandra’s no-fluff messaging. Great podcast!!

Great information

Love the content, very informative but only 4 stars because audio quality on most of the episodes are horrible. I haven’t been able to listen to some shows because of static or fuzziness. Some I have to turn the volume all the way up Judy to kind of hear it.

Meg Mill

I love the topics covered in this podcast! It is so inspiring for high achieving women!

Awesome podcast!

Dr. Alex, host of the Rejuvenated Women podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Love these podcasts!

I really enjoying listening to these podcasts while driving to work. The topics covered are so timely and helpful for busy women that seek to be the best they can be for themselves, their families and careers without letting the stress of it all be overwhelming and toxic to the body and mind. I love that just breathing is a wonderful place to start!

Priceless info

Coming from a woman who is overworked this is priceless information. Alex gives encouragement to take a risk, pivot and not be scared of change! Her guests are so beautifully varied that listeners can take golden nuggets from each interview.

Manageable Bite size chunks

I love that each episode is around 10 minutes that I can sneak while doing the dishes and totally change my day by changing my outlook!


Love the topics covered on this podcast. Informative, inspiring and empowering. Thank you!

Inspiring, insightful & accountable

We started seeing Alex in June 2019 and she has been an absolute breath of fresh air for our family. She takes a gentle approach and always has a very insightful way of seeing things and helping you see things in a different but helpful perspective. I’m so happy that she has created a podcast so I can tap into her for some inspiration and hold myself accountable without taking more time from her day no matter where I’m at.