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July 13, 2021

EP 86-How to Stop Being Pig Headed and Stubborn When It Comes To Your Health

EP 86-How to Stop Being Pig Headed and Stubborn When It Comes To Your Health

Do you find yourself ignoring ailments, injuries, relationships or know that you hate your job and it’s a constant source of stress but you stay stuck? Springboarding from my own confirmation two weeks ago that I retore my wrist 1.5 years post-surgery by being pig-headed, stubborn, and not wanting to let my chiropractic career go, I unpack what it takes to get off the insanity loop that we can keep ourselves stuck in that ultimately leads to having less than optimal health on this episode.

If you missed Episode 75 about doing life injured and finding the silver lining to keep living, you can listen to it here. https://www.rejuvenatedwomen.com/episode/ep-75-is-doing-life-injured-keeping-you-stuck

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