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July 8, 2021

EP 85-All Things Toxicity, Detox & Gut Health With Sinclair Kennally

EP 85-All Things Toxicity, Detox & Gut Health With Sinclair Kennally

When’s the last time you paused to think about how many toxins you’re exposed to in your day-to-day routine? Or what it’s doing to your gut and health? What about where your symptoms truly come from? Today I’m joined by fellow Cell core Practitioner, Certified Toxicity Specialist, and Digestive Detox Expert Sinclair Kennally for an in-depth conversation about toxicity, parasites, detox, and your gut.

To learn more about toxicity, whether or not you have it or what to do about it you can connect with Sinclair on her website: https://detoxrejuvenation.com/

Or on Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/detoxrejuvenation/

Check out www.ewg.org for information on the toxicity levels of products you use on a regular basis, and tune back into the show for tips and suggestions on switches you can make to get to clean living from Dr. Alex.

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