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June 5, 2020

EP 26: Trouble Shooting The Plateau

EP 26: Trouble Shooting The Plateau

The plateau is that moment when results stop and frustration ensues. You feel like you're doing all the right things, but still have symptoms, or can't lose weight, or your energy is in the pots. This 8 week series unpacks the steps to trouble shooting the proverbial plateau, and leads you towards having the breakthrough in your health you've been looking for. 

I personally hit the plateau about three years ago when years of stress, huge commitments as a single mom, doctor and owner of a ever growing wellness practice left me falling apart. I had no energy, kept losing my voice, and my pant sizes just kept going up despite all my knowledge and no matter how much I adhered to strict eating and exercise routines. 

In this episode I lay out the plan for the next eight weeks of this series, tell my own story, and discuss the first step: the power of our mindset and its importance in allowing you to breakthrough the plateau. 

Listen as we discuss the four Upper Limit Problems, negative self talk and limiting beliefs, and the importance of rediscovering ourselves inside of where we're at as the first step in moving forward. 

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