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May 2, 2020

EP 23- How to Kick Your Sugar Habit to the Curb

EP 23- How to Kick Your Sugar Habit to the Curb

On this episode I tackle the ever present sugar addiction so many of us struggle with. This goes beyond just having a sweet tooth! Join me as I share the three keys to really breaking the sugar craving cycle and kicking the habit once and for all. 

How do you finally kick your sugar habit?

It’s about awareness and commitment.

I want to give you some facts to think about:

The Average American consumes 152 pounds of sugar each year compared to 22 pounds a year in 1900…

Sugar is connected to obesity…

It’s also heavily connected to the insulin resistance and sluggish livers we see in 60% of the US population

It increases inflammation, rates and severity of disease and ultimately makes us sick.

And it can be really difficult to reduce or completely eliminate from our diet

The first time I decided to go off sugar I was 17. What I considered “a strange hippy doctor” told me I’d feel better if I did. So I decided to try it. Two days in I was explaining that I was going to get off sugar to a friend, and as soon as I was done, they offered me a sugar covered donut bite from Dominos with glazed icing dip. Which I ate without giving two thoughts until it was in my mouth. I had no idea how deep the sugar addiction ran, or how present it was in my diet until I stopped to think about it. 

I felt like a hypocrite and failure, and realized that if I was going to actually be successful in doing this, I needed to wake up and pay attention. 

It was lonely, people thought I was weird, But I found I did start to feel better when I’d gotten off sugar a while. I also found it was really easy to get back on it.

I equate it somewhat to a high level olympic athlete. If they are going to succeed they have to be meticulous in how they care for the body and train. They have to be patient. And they have to do the work. We don’t all have to be Olympic athletes, but when we approach our own health as an Olympic athlete would approach their training regime, we make progress much more quickly and see results we probably never expected.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 16 years eating very little refined sugar. And I want to share with you the three things you really need to know and consider if you’re serious about kicking your sugar habit to the curb.

  1. Sugar is a highly addictive substance. Studies have shown it has a similar reward effect on your brain to alcohol or drugs. Because of this, getting off it can be challenging. You will have cravings, and maybe even withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Sugar doesn’t just apply to candy, chocolate or ice cream. There are sugars hidden in ALL of our food. And nutrition labeling can be very misleading. On top of that which is added to our foods, our most popular foods like white potatoes, rice, pasta and other simple carbohydrates break down to sugar in your body. They give a quick spike in your blood sugar and then you crash, or are hungry again.
  3. Truly getting past the sugar habit takes diligence, patience and grace for yourself (and others). It’s not going to happen overnight, just like getting to the Olympics doesn’t happen overnight. 

When I was finally able to get off sugar for longterm (6 years) when I was 20, and again 2 years ago, I discovered that I felt amazing. I had stable energy through my day. I wasn’t as hungry, especially at night, and I lost weight and slept better. When you’re able to really successfully transition your diet, your palate and your eating habits, amazing things wait for you on the other side. 

I also recognize that it can be daunting, lonely and difficult to find the motivation to take your health in your own hands, and deprive yourself of something you’re literally emotionally attached to. Because of this, I’ve created a week long workshop that addresses both our sugar addiction AND the emotional attachment and draws that come with that addiction. 

I call it the Sweet Fix to Overwhelm.

On Monday the 4th I will be hosting this workshop Live inside of the Tribe of Rejuvenated Women Facebook group. It’s free to participate, and in the safe space of community we will embark on a 6 Day sugar detox, while also tackling some of the underlying emotional drive that keeps us stuck in the sugar cycle. 

Whether you are already in the Tribe of Rejuvenated Women or not, to join us go to www.dralexridley.com/sweetfix. You’ll follow the steps to register and an email with the workbook will come to you. We will kick off Live in the group on Sunday May 3rd at 2 PM PST with a pre detox session to prepare you for the week. Go to www.dralexridley.com/sweetfix and register to join us. 

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