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Nov. 1, 2022

EP 194-Do You Have a Tendency to Rush Through Things and Blow Right Past Your Capacity?

EP 194-Do You Have a Tendency to Rush Through Things and Blow Right Past Your Capacity?

Do you have a tendency to rush through things in an effort to get them done and off your list? This is a trap I’ve seen myself and every single high-achieving woman I’ve worked with struggle with. We don’t have any kind of radar for what giving something 100% is, because we only know somewhere around 120%-150%. And while that’s not always a bad thing (in certain exceptional situations), I know I have a tendency to apply that kind of thinking to EVERYTHING in my life.

And as I learned the past couple of weeks, if you try to rush things like deep trauma healing and work, you blow right past the capacity of what you can handle and end up sick, injured or both so you actually slow down and listen. It’s a tale as old as time, and this week I’m unpacking my latest lesson in falling into this high achiever pattern of doing life on this week’s episode of the Selfless Syndrome Show.

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