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Sept. 27, 2022

EP 189-Data Driven Functional Medicine with Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer

EP 189-Data Driven Functional Medicine with Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer

How clear are you on what it is your unique body needs to be as healthy as possible? Or how do various aspects of your lifestyle actually affect you? In this week’s episode, I do a deep dive into data-driven functional medicine expert Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer, the founder of Well Empowered.

Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer is the physician founder of Well Empowered where she practices data-driven, outcome-oriented Functional Medicine.

She created Well Empowered with one commitment in mind:

Guiding you to create the health and vitality that transforms your experience of life and alters what is possible for you.

How does Dr. H live true to this?

By taking a root-cause, natural medicine approach.

Through working one-on-one, with groups, or in delivering corporate webinars, Dr. H provides the information, inspiration, and strategies needed to produce sustainable and transformative health outcomes.

Dr. H earned her Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States, Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from the National University of Health Sciences, and Bachelor of Arts from UCLA. She is an IFM Certified Practitioner, a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. In her spare time, you will find Dr. H with her husband, Chris, doing yoga, hiking, strength training, traveling or preparing a beautiful, healthy meal for loved ones.

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