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Sept. 14, 2022

EP 187-Master Your Self Talk With Sharon Natoli

EP 187-Master Your Self Talk With Sharon Natoli

How’s your self-talk? As women, we are capable of thinking some pretty terrible things about ourselves. Today I am joined by author and coach Sharon Natoli for a deep conversation on how to truly take control of and transform your self-talk.

Sharon is the author of Find Your Voice - Speak up & Be Heard by Mastering Your Self Talk (coming in 2022) and the Founder of the Self Talk Mastery program. With an inspiring, engaging, and thought-provoking style, she talks about what gets in the way of speaking up.

She challenges audiences to go deeper to reveal the levers that will shift them from being a spectator in life, to directly influencing the result by finding their voice and speaking to be heard. Sharon believes when individuals are freer to express themselves, their influence grows, personal power builds and they can get on with making the difference they were born to make.

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