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July 19, 2022

EP 179-The Body Joyful-Moving Past Body Dysmorphia and Negativity With Ann Poirer

EP 179-The Body Joyful-Moving Past Body Dysmorphia and Negativity With Ann Poirer

How’s your body image and self-talk? For most women I know it’s incredibly critical and negative towards ourselves. Today I’m joined by Body Joyful author, coach, and all-around amazing human Ann Poirer for an in-depth conversation about how we can tangibly start to shift our body image conversation in our heads.

Having overcome her own eating, food, weight, and body image challenges and drawing upon close to 4 decades of experience, specialized training, and advanced certifications, Anne Poirer created the Body Joyful Solution and wrote ‘The Body Joyful’ to share her highly personal and life-changing journey. Anne is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Body Confidence Coach, Self-Talk Trainer, Eating Disorder Specialist, and Author.

Anne is the Founder of Shaping Perspectives, A Woman’s Way to Joy, and the leader of the Body Joyful Revolution Community. An online source of support, encouragement, and inspiration for women of all sizes, shapes, and weights. This group of women is committed to rejecting society’s thin ideal, and diet culture so they can feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies and selves.

Together this “revolution” is on a mission to reduce body shaming, bullying weight stigmatization, and disordered eating and help prevent Eating Disorders.

She is the mother of two adult daughters and lives along the coast in Maine with her husband Tim. Among her favorite self-care activities are walking on the beach, capturing sunrises on her camera, collecting and sharing sand dollars, dancing, hula hooping, and journaling. To learn more about Anne Poirer, visit https://shapingperspectives.com

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