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June 28, 2022

EP 176-Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job with Darcy Eikenberg

EP 176-Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job with Darcy Eikenberg

In today’s podcast episode we’re stepping into a completely different realm of health. I’m joined by coach, speaker, and author Darcy Eikenberg as we discuss her new book “Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job”. What we do (or don’t do) from 9-5 has a huge impact on our health. If your JOB is a big source of stress, this is the conversation for you.

Darcy Eikenberg is on a mission to help us change our lives at work without having to change everything in our lives, especially during times of great change (and face it—when AREN'T we managing change?) She's the author of Red Cape Rescue: Save Your Career Without Leaving Your Job which shows how to get more of what you want without resorting to drastic measures of changing careers or finding a new job—and without sacrificing your health or family life.

Her strategies help generate more clarity, confidence, and control—plus, they inspire a bit of courage to help handle our complex lives at work. She’s coached leaders at companies such as Aon, The Coca-Cola Company, State Farm, and Deloitte, and offers encouraging ways to change work for the better, for good.

Before launching her leadership career coaching firm RedCapeRevolution.com, Darcy was a principal at human resources consulting firm Hewitt Associates (now part of Alight Solutions), where she served on both the Southeast and the North American Communication Consulting Leadership teams. She's been quoted in Forbes, Thrive Global, Mashable, The Ladders, CNN, and more. Connect directly through her free Insider Community at RedCapeInsider.com and get the latest stories, career strategies, and free tools.

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