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April 19, 2022

EP 166-All Things Fatigue & Adrenal Dysfunction with Dr. Carrie Lam

EP 166-All Things Fatigue & Adrenal Dysfunction with Dr. Carrie Lam

There’s being tired, and then there’s being TIRED. Today I’m joined by functional medicine adrenal fatigue expert Dr. Carrie Lam for an in-depth conversation around fatigue, our adrenal glands, and the havoc stress wreaks on our entire body. We get into the nitty-gritty of what can be causing adrenal stress in your body (especially for our type-A high performers) as well as some of the things you can start doing to help support your adrenal health.

Dr. Carrie Lam, MD, DABFM, ABAARM, FAAMFM graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts from Pacific Union College, California, and earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from Loma Linda University, California. She is board certified in family medicine and Anti-Aging and regenerative medicine. She has completed her fellowship in Anti-Aging Metabolic and Functional medicine and is a graduate of the Institute of Functional Medicine’s Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) Course. Her career focus is in primary care along with functional and integrative medicine, with an emphasis on Anti-Aging, lifestyle medicine, and nutrition. She won a Medical Scholarship Award for Preventive Medicine and is an author of the international best-selling books Advanced Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome: A Metabolic Approach and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome Cookbook. She is a part of Lam Clinic, a team of physicians and health professionals who have well over half a century of combined clinical experience in the power of natural healing. She is an avid believer of whole-person care, in which the body, mind, and spirit are important components of healing; and is passionate about empowering people to regain control of their own lives in a healthy and individual way.

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