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April 1, 2022

EP 162-How to Start Sleeping and Feeling Rested Again With Amisha Klawonn

EP 162-How to Start Sleeping and Feeling Rested Again With Amisha Klawonn

At some point, we all hit a point where sleep becomes a struggle. Be it the journey with small children, perimenopause, and aging, the state of the world, or something else can impact our sleep. It also has a host of negative effects on our hormones and overall health. And can be very frustrating to try to get back. Today I’m joined by Embodiment and Sleep Coach Amish Klawonn for an in-depth conversation about sleep, specific to busy, driven women.

Amisha Klawonn is an Embodiment & Sleep Coach, Yoga Therapist, and Integrative Physical Therapist currently living and working in Fort Collins, CO. Her areas of focus as a Coach are sleep, wellness, whole body living, and manifesting. Her focus as an Integrative PT are visceral mobilization and holistic care for the whole person.

As a Coach, she is trained in Women’s Health, Hormones, and polyvagal theory and application. She works with individuals one on one and in groups to help guide them to their best versions of themselves. She empowers individuals to create their visions for their lives, igniting a transformation from the inside out.

Amisha has extensively mentored and studied in the fields of chronic pain and spinal rehabilitation and whole-body wellness.

When she isn’t coaching, training or learning, she is spending time with her husband, son, and black lab mix usually hiking, doing yoga, or walking around the lake. She’s also rewiring her brain to play the guitar and frequently spends time with the horses in her area.

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