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March 24, 2022

EP 160-Getting past scammy weight loss when literally nothing else has worked with Lia Pinelli

EP 160-Getting past scammy weight loss when literally nothing else has worked with Lia Pinelli

I loved today’s conversation with Lia Pinelli around what’s missing in the “weight loss” world and truly healing our mindset and relationship with food. If you struggle with chronically dieting, food taking up a large portion of your mental brain space, having tried everything to lose weight and not seeing any results, overeating, undereating, etc. this conversation is for you.

Lia is one smart cookie. Despite holding degrees from both Stanford and UC Berkeley she was unable to crack the code on her struggle with overeating for decades. In 2016 she began life coach training and learned how to stop overeating using principles and practices rooted in psychology and neuroscience. She is now on a mission to help women take back their lives from outdated patriarchal norms by first ending their battle with food and weight so they can focus on what really matters– their careers, kids, communities, and lives. She now teaches women how to stop overeating by increasing pleasure and liberating them to create the lives they crave, unapologetically. Obsessed with Lizzo, bad feminism, and Real Housewives, you can count on her to have a cocktail in her hand and a good story on her tongue. Fiercely committed to changing the trajectory for the next generation of girls by helping their mothers and mentors end overeating and feel good in their own skin, Lia lives in California with her husband, son, and a dog named Taco.



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