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March 24, 2020

EP 16- Taking Fear out of Your Health Decisions With Dr. Cheryl Schmitt

EP 16- Taking Fear out of Your Health Decisions With Dr. Cheryl Schmitt

This week I am joined by the host of Fearless Family Health, Dr. Cheryl Schmitt. We unpack the concept of fear based decision making that is prevalent in Western Health Care today (and particularly applicable today) and share how to get to a level of clarity and objectivity when making decisions regarding your health.

Dr. Cheryl brings a host of valuable information and altered perspective to this episode. Tune in to learn about...

Trusting your gut and intuition

How to move from an emotional place to a rational one

Resources to help you make informed health decisions

Practical advice for getting past the fear that prevails today's pandemic and how to maintain your health in the face of the unknown. 

You can find out more about Dr. Cheryl Schmitt at www.fearlessfamilyhealth.com

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