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March 10, 2022

EP 156-Instinctual Parenting Post Pandemic & Beyond with Delsey Daruwalla

EP 156-Instinctual Parenting Post Pandemic & Beyond with Delsey Daruwalla

Figuring out how to help our kids (regardless of age) navigate the world since 2020 has been a challenge for many parents I’ve talked with. Today I’m joined by the creator of the Instinctual Parent Coaching Program, Delsey Daruwalla for a conversation that spans helping our kids (and really ourselves) navigate a world of anxiety, trauma, changes in social norms and so much more. No matter the age of your kids, this is a conversation we all could use.

Delsey Daruwalla is the founder of ‘The Instinctual Parent’, a coaching program for parents who want to learn to foster cooperative & harmonious relationships with their children.

She’s a chiropractor by trade and mother of 2 boys, as well the founder & CEO of ‘Functional Health’ a chronic pain & stress practice in Auckland, New Zealand.

Delsey has spent years working with people struggling to deal with stress, trauma, anxiety, mood, and healthy habit formation. And through her own experiences, clinical experience & personal research, she discovered a lot of the causes came from how we are parented which pushed her to create a method parents could trust to get the results.

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