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Feb. 17, 2022

EP 150-Deconstructing Conventional With True Whole Human Co-Founder Christian Elliot

EP 150-Deconstructing Conventional With True Whole Human Co-Founder Christian Elliot

What if we stopped living life according to what everyone else says and start tuning in to ourselves and what we really need? Today I’m joined by Christian Elliot-longtime coach, husband, father of five, and co-founder (with his wife Nina) of True Whole Human. Our conversation ranges from getting away from the conventional in how we view time, our commitments and social circles, raising kids and so much more.

Christian Elliot has been a coach since 2003...logging over 15,000 hours of 1-1 coaching. His quest to heal led him to personally use over three dozen different alternative modalities. He is an author, speaker, and educator, and (with Nina) built one of the most holistic, brick-and-mortar, fitness-and-wellness businesses ever seen.

Background and Education

Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach

Certified Nutrition Coach

B.S. Communication - Calvin College

M.Div. - Fuller Theological Seminary

Full-time coach since 2003









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