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Dec. 2, 2021

EP 127-Overcoming Self Sabotage with EFT Tapping With Theresa Lear Levine

EP 127-Overcoming Self Sabotage with EFT Tapping With Theresa Lear Levine

Self sabotage is something that plagues all of us at some point in our lives. It can be confusing, frustrating and a let down to ourselves when we get in our own way. Today I’m joined by EFT expert Theresa Lear Levine who walks us through an exercise to get beyond self sabotage for good.

Theresa Lear Levine is an EFT Master Practitioner and Energy Coach living in Davidsonville, Maryland with her husband, Jeff, and their 4 boys. 

Theresa is no stranger to overwhelm, stress and anxiety but her challenges led her to discover and implement amazing coping mechanisms, and teaching and sharing them with others is her passion! 

In her business, Becoming More Me with EFT, She empowers entrepreneurial moms who feel a calling to more effectively release stress, overwhelm, and limiting beliefs to clear their blocks and make way for purpose, fulfillment, calm, clarity, and joy to flourish and thrive both at home with their families and in their work.

Using the powerful practice of the Emotional Freedom Technique, once overwhelmed and stressed moms begin to positively transform, show up for themselves and their families in greater ways, reclaim their power, and learn to love, accept and forgive themselves in all areas of their lives!

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