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Nov. 24, 2021

EP 125-Communication & Relationship Building Post Lockdown With Sales & Nonverbal Communication Specialist Amy Reczek

EP 125-Communication & Relationship Building Post Lockdown With Sales & Nonverbal Communication Specialist Amy Reczek

Lockdown in 2020 rocked our social connections and relationships on a lot of levels. As we head into the holiday season, and perhaps are connecting with family and friends again after a year of isolation, it can be exciting and invigorating, but also overwhelming and tiring. Today’s conversation with corporate sales and nonverbal communication specialist Amy Reczek dives into this on many levels. We cover everything from pursuing your zone of genius and passion to how we destress as women, to approaching reengaging in a post lockdown world strategically to avoid overwhelm and burnout, and more.

People and Connection are the secret sauce to any successful business or professional. Connection inspires action. Amy has a passion for the art of strategic communication and sales techniques within business. She likes getting people excited about what she is excited about. Building a successful career by building relationships.

Amy founded Sales and Presence after 17 years as a respected high-level Senior Sales Executive in corporate sales. She earned countless awards and was ranked within the top ten in the company. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, has extensive business and sales training, and is certified in nonverbal communications. Amy is a certified virtual training, a member of NSA, speaks at national conferences, and is the author of "So You're in Sales".

She helps her clients forge solid relationships with strategic partners across all organizational levels to create lifelong customers. To connect with Amy, find her on LinkedIn or visit www.salesandpresence.com

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