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About The Host

Dr. Alexandra Swenson-Ridley, the Founder of Emergent Women Enterprises LLC, is an internationally recognized speaker, author, podcaster, thought leader and mentor to high achieving women. Her thought leadership and studying of the connection between women's hormones and work-life balance led to the coinage of the term Selfless Syndrome and Dr. Alex being known as "The Selfless Syndrome Mentor".

She is the host of the Selfless Syndrome Show, an internationally ranked podcast, and author of the book Selfless Syndrome-The Key To Transforming Your Hormones & Getting Your Energy Back. 

She began speaking as a chiropractic student at Life University, where she co led a public speaking club and gave many keynote presentations and workshops at a biannual leadership retreat put on by the club. She quickly moved to bigger stages, training as an Introduction Leader with Landmark Education while still in school.

Dr. Alex earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 2012, and upon moving to Fairbanks Alaska, quickly built one of the largest chiropractic wellness centers in the state, all while nursing and caring her son Fritz, whom she welcomed into the world in May 2013. 

During her 10 year tenure as a pediatric and perinatal chiropractor, Dr. Alex taught continuing education for local health organizations, and spoke on health, wellness and leadership throughout her community. Her own health challenges and a wrist injury led her to pivot away from chiropractic and into a deep dive of understanding women's hormones and leadership from an integrative and very unique perspective. She now holds too many post graduate certifications to list—including as an integrative women’s health coach and trauma sensitive heart math practitioner. She also has extensive training in integrative medicine and quantum healing.

Her thought leadership is grounded in the holistic reality of everything being connected, and the saying “it's not the hormones, it's their environment”. This means the journey to balance involves healing your inner world, in addition to your outer world. Through speaking, workshops, seminars, facilitating masterminds and writing, she helps women leaders take the focus off the shiny objects and instead look within first. 

Dr. Alex lives in Fairbanks Alaska with her husband, son, three stepsons and furball. When she’s not speaking, writing or facilitating deep conversations centered on women's health, relationships and careers, she can be found reading, hiking, skiing and traveling as much as possible.